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Many people are looking for ways to save money in today’s struggling economy. This is especially true during the holiday season, where a variety of expenses begin to pile up due to the celebratory nature of the season. Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas presents are just some of the many money drainers that this time of the year brings, and finding the funds to cover these costs can be difficult and stressful, possibly forcing you to take out a payday loan in order to finance these expenditures. However, with a little resourcefulness, this need not be so. A great way to save money and keep you from the payday loan office would be to sign up for a free club membership available in a variety of stores.

Stores often offer incentives for signing up for club memberships. This is good for the stores, as these perks keep customers returning for business, and for you as the customer, since being a club member offers savings on products that you will be purchasing anyways. One place to inquire about these services is the grocery store. Most grocery stores now have club cards that allow you to get weekly deals on certain items. Membership is almost always free, and you can sign up for club cards at multiple stores. This lets you take advantage of club pricing at several locations, and although it may require you to drive to a couple of different stores, the money that you can save may make the extra trip worth it. Obviously, a savings of only a few cents will not be worth the gas it takes to go from store to store, but when the savings are worth it, why not take the extra five minute drive to take advantage?

Other places to consider signing up for club membership are drug stores like Rite-Aid or Walgreens. Stores such as these also have free customer club cards that allow you to take advantage of weekly savings and are good places to sign up, as they are perhaps the second most visited type of stores after grocery stores. Drug stores are more likely to engage in a point system as well, wherein a customer collects points for a variety of purchases that they can eventually trade for certain incentives. Often times the incentives are pre-determined, and so you may not be able to customize the rewards exactly to your liking, but most often the rewards are so general that this is not usually an issue.

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